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American Travel Posters

Design, ArtElizabeth DoyleComment

Vintage American travel posters are rich in color and vivid landscapes. American scenic landscapes, classic landmarks, and nostalgic vacation spots are on the rise in the art licensing markets. Greeting cards, stationery, fashion, and books are being inspired by the classic travel posters. Most are available in the public domain through the Library of Congress, which is super exciting for illustrators and designers looking for high-resolution inspiration and resources. Each poster below links to the source where you can download multiple sizes of the art.

Psychedelic Trend Inspiration

Inspiration, Art, DesignElizabeth DoyleComment

The psychedelic era is back full swing with punchy, vibrating colors, maximalist details, and powerful messaging. 60's and 70's era design influenced the 2018 runway shows and is still going strong in the 2019 shows making it pretty clear we're going to be in a groovy mindset for upcoming consumer products.

The Cooper Hewitt Museum has an extensive collection of psychedelic art. Let's take a look at some classic posters and design for a burst of inspiration, LSD optional.


Paisley  |  Vivid, close colors  |  Repetitive Imagery  |  People as subject matter  |  Graphic Florals  |  Mesmerizing Patterns  |  Psychedelic Typography  |  Black Ink Outline