Tropical Foliage

Tropical Foliage


A pictorial encyclopedia of botanical reference imagery

Expand your illustrative repertoire with Artist's Archive first visual reference book containing over 100 images in the public domain, drawing exercises, artistic tips, color palettes and more. This 48-page curated encyclopedia of tropical foliage is perfect for artists, designers, illustrators, crafters, and botanical enthusiasts.


  • 48-page high resolution PDF

  • Over 100 high quality illustrations and photographs offering a vast variety of plant forms & structures sourced in the public domain.

  • Exercises, tips, explorations, color palettes, a final project, and bonus images.

  • A new type of reference collection that is focused for today’s creatives.

  • A comprehensive collection that will have you creating instead of scrolling through repetitive images online.

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Artist’s Archive is unlike any other reference collection. The focus is not solely on the image material but rather how you can use the images to create original works with no influence from repetitive online image searches. I’m guilty of turning towards popular websites when looking for reference images and inspiration. Not only does scrolling through image feeds slow your process and quiet your artistic voice, it also leaves you open to using copyrighted images unlawfully. Every image contained in this volume is open to use for reference freely. You will be guided through this book with helpful prompts and exercises, informative tips, color palettes, a final project that emphasizes digging deep into the material, and a page of bonus images.

The art collected for this series has been an ongoing project over the past 10 plus years. I’ve spent full days and late nights collecting hundreds of works in the public domain from libraries, museum collections, and internet archives. Each of the featured images has been edited for clarity and to bring out its original beauty. Let the art inform you, open your mind, and help you see the beauty in the everyday.

Each purchase grants the user a single-seat license for the product. It is prohibited to share this publication in whole or in part. Please encourage your friends and family to purchase their own copy. Each purchase supports small business and makes it possible for me to continue making these books. Thank you!